Common estimation of the age of the universe

The light coming from the most distant stars and galaxies is more red than the light coming from nearer stars and galaxies.

So we have concluded that remote stars and galaxies are going away from us. And it appears that the light is more red proportionnaly to the distance.

This gives us to conclude that the universe is expanding, and expanding more and more quickly.

This is based on the Doppler Effect, that effect that we can observe with acoustic waves. For example when an ambulance comes in our direction, it’s siren is more hight-pitched than when the ambulance goes away.


But now let’s suppose that :

The light generated by a star(or a whole galaxy) has a certain amount of energy at the moment when and where it’s generated. But what if the light would loose progressively it’s energy when crossing far distances ?

Would not the wave be longer ?

A lower energy radiation has longer wave frequency :


If we are wrong about estimating the movement of the stars ans teh galaxies, maybe our universe is not expanding at all. And there were no « big bang ». Our universe is just infinite in time and space. That’s all.

There was no beginning of the universe, and there will be no end.

And also there is no limit in the distance. Just infinite.